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Birdies For Charity

Birdies for Charity & VHAA Fundraising

Each year the Regions Golf Tournament operates a local fundraising event called Birdies
for Charity. The event allows direct donations to the Birdies fundraising arm to be distributed to the charities in the area. In addition, Birdies allows organizations an incentive to increase their own fundraising effort by funneling all of their contributions through the Birdie fundraiser.

Why do I donate to Birdies to benefit VHAA?
100% of the participating organizations’ donations are returned back to the organizations
participating. In addition, those organizations with the most donations are eligible to receive additional donations from the Birdies. That means that we not only get 100% of what we run through Birdies back, but we also have the opportunity to receive additional money from Birdies.

What kind of additional donations are there?
This year, under a grant from the South West Water Company, those organizations which raise at least $1,000 are eligible to receive at least a 6% match for every dollar raised (up to $100,000). The exact match percentage is determined at the conclusion of the program, in June 2016. Additionally, the top five fundraising charities based on the most money collected, will be rewarded with a higher match percentage.

What kind of additional donations are we talking about?
VHAA has finished first in the last several years and has received additional donations from Birdies. Last year alone, VHAA received $11,000.00! The top fundraisers compete for donations from Birdies.

Is it just donations that flow through Birdies or can I buy my passes and packages also?
It includes everything. All of your donations to VHAA can be made to Birdies including:
• VHAA Membership
• Direct Donations (including those designated for a team)
• Sponsorships (All Sports Program, banners, etc.)
• Football Packages and passes
This fundraiser is simple. All you need to do is to make your donation/purchasess directly to Birdies, identify VHAA as your organization and notify us of your donation/purchases. VHAA will receive all of the money you donate back. So please consider helping us with this fundraiser.

To learn how to Join/Donate/Purchase through Birdies, go to: